05 Apr

Thoughts from a sister-- both still grieving and forever grateful. Tomorrow marks a year after my brother Michael's death.  He was an amazing man in many ways.  Of course I think so, I was his "little" sister.  Only a year and two days his younger, we grew up together on 31 acres in a small Vermont town.  We did everything together.  He was, quite possibly, my best friend.  

I discovered my art skills through his death.  My grief needed an outlet.  I will never forget learning the news that he had ended his life.  A casualty of Covid. (in my opinion--but that's a blog for another day)  If you've never had to experience the moment of being told a loved one has left you suddenly, you are a lucky person.  It will be something I never forget.  It brings me to tears reflecting on it today.  But even in all this heartache, I strive to be grateful.  Because my brother brought me to a gift I never knew I had.  Sure, I've been told that I am "creative" and I have had artistic "outlets" before, but nothing like the freedom I feel when I create a portrait.  It's like I go to my own little tucked away world.

Tomorrow, the one-year anniversary of Michael's death, will be a difficult day for sure.  But, I will take a moment to remember the fun we had, the memories I will carry with me forever.  I will be grateful for the life I have now.  A grateful blossoming artist.  

Love you brother.  

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